Build a wall


  1. Build a wall between you and unlawful, over-aggressive tax collectors so they can’t hurt you or steal from you.  This is a simple and safe process when you have the proper lawful approach.  You can be 100% compliant AND Free!  There are time-tested and well established strategies that help you to be TAX FREE, AS YOU NEED TO BE! 

Understand the 'Internet of Things'


2. Understand ‘The Internet of Things’ and ‘A.I.’ and how your unwitting exposure could lead to ‘total loss’.  We are entrapped in a web of technology and nothing we do goes unrecorded. Freedom is impossible without privacy.  If you hold traditional values and belief systems you are deemed an 'enemy of the state'.  Think about how much you want people to know about you and your activities.   This needs to be a part of your overall plan.

Eliminate Bad Debt


3.  Learn the difference between ‘Good Debt’ and ‘Bad Debt’ and how to completely eliminate ‘Bad Debt’.  The modern day banking and financial system is fraught with illegal procedures and fraud which is robbing people of their lives and livelihood.  Good debt is borrowed capital you can use for your business to make more money that what you borrowed.  Bad debt is a tool of servitude used by bankers to take advantage of needy people and put them further into bondage.  The law provides a remedy for this and it can be completely eliminated. 

Geopolitical Diversification


4.  Recognize that your complete dependence on one economic system, one currency, one political system, one ‘location dependent’ business puts you at ‘HIGH RISK’ and then learn how to deal with it properly.   Just as investors must diversify investment risk by developing a portfolio any business person must diversify his risk by being solely committed to a single political and economic system. History shows us why time and time again.   This is easily solved with the right plan.

Keep Yourself Safe from Society

5.   Keep yourself free and safe from a society of people who increasingly feel ‘entitled’ to take what’s yours due to their ‘victim’ identity politics.  They can't take it from you if you don't own it.  Asset protection is critical to be in place 'before' you need it. 

Protect Yourself From Regulators


6. Protect yourself from regulators who have lost the sense that they work ‘for’ you and instead, now feel that they ‘own’ you and will do everything they can to try to control you and eat out your substance and hard earned fruits.  A solid plan reduces your exposure to bureau-rats.

Get out of 'Depreciating Assets'


7. Insulate yourself from the constant erosion of the value of your fiat currency.  This 'built in tax' now eats up more than 96% of the original value of your dollars since the Federal Reserve was created in 1913. Inflation is giving you an annual ‘cut in pay’ if you don’t do something about it.   Start building a portfolio of appreciating assets or at least assets which will hold their value and can be liquid on demand.

Make Yourself Worthless


8. Make yourself absolutely worthless in the eyes of any snake attorney who might be eyeing you and your business or personal assets as possible prey to feast on with some conjured up bogus lawsuit which could ruin you financially even if you win!  The key to financial security and asset protection is to 'BE A PAUPER ON PAPER AND LIVE LIKE A KING'! 

Explore Alternatives to Traditional Banking

9. Stand free and clear of the coming banking collapse. When the banking system implodes, it will happen fast and it will be worldwide with catastrophic financial devastation. If you don’t already understand this, do some research on Deutsche Bank and get up to speed.  There are reliable alternatives to submitting yourself to the sharks in the banking community.  Banks are fast becoming dens of thieves and the trend is to charge you for using your money. New laws confirm that when you make a deposit the money is no longer 'yours'.  You merely become an 'unsecured creditor'. This situation is unsustainable and there are alternatives you need to explore.

Become a 'PT'


10. Learn what it is to be a ‘PT’ and how having ‘the world as your oyster’ could just possibly save your life or at least make it much more secure and enjoyable!  A PT is a business person positioned in such a way that no matter where he or she is (s)he always appears as though he's from somewhere else and 'just passing through' which means he's never given much notice other that the greatest courtesy and care.  A PT can work from anywhere and is never burdened with the legal liabilities as 'the locals' are.  Wanna be free?  Be a PT!