How to Turn $1 into $100 - Save your retirement plan

Why are so many attorneys so wealthy?

Because they share in huge damage awards of lawsuits they bring and win.

But they are sharks often feeding on good people. I don't want to do that

Exactly. What we do is to turn the tables and go after crooked officials who have crossed the line and seriously violated peoples' rights. The law is very clear. We fund lawsuits seeking high damage awards from crooked judges, police, prosecutors and other officials who have knowingly exceeded their bounds of authority and preyed upon the people they are supposed to serve.  It's time we push back on tyranny and abuse at the expense of the people.

What does it cost to fund a case?

It can range typically from $10,000 to $50,000 the way we do it.

But I don't have that kind of money

Right.  Most people don't.   That's why we use the crowdfunding concept and create a pool where people can participate for a very small amount ($250 or more) and still enjoy their share of the damage awards.  For example, just for conversation let's use a hypothetical example:  We have a case now we're going to fund and let's say over the course of the litigation it will cost a high of $50,000.  The damages we seek are well over $100 million.  It's a very egregious case.  Let's say it settles out of court and for expediency the plaintiff agrees to settle for 50% or $50 million.  Our agreement is to share in 15% of the damages award of $50 million.  That would be $7,500,000 for our share.  On a $50,000 investment that would be a return of 15,000% or 150 times our investment back.  An exchange of $250 for only 1 unit of participation in this hypothetical example would represent a claim on $37,500.  10 units or $2500 participation would yield $375,000.  

But the courts are corrupt and they protect each other

This is mostly true and the 'old boy network' is quite tight on the local and state levels.  This is why we take it to not only the Federal District Court level where they usually play it a little more straight by the book, but we can also enforce peoples' rights through international treaty where we can come down on them from above the hierarchy.

This is interesting. How do I find out more?

Go to where you can learn more and how to participate.